Mill Street Brewery expands its organic lineup

The famous Canadian brew company recently announced that its core lineups of beers will be fully certified organic, given a recent national survey conducted by Mill Street that revealed organic beer is in high demand by Canadians “to keep up with the increasing availability of organic food products.” Head brewmaster Joel Manning has revealed that Cobblestone Stout and Tankhouse Ale [...]

01 August 2018

Kazakhstan Goes Organic in Bid to Build Niche in Grains Market

Kazakhstan is tapping growing consumer demand for organic crops to help it better compete in the food-export market. The country wants to use much of its vast uncultivated lands to grow soybeans and other non-genetically modified crops for markets such as China and the European Union, Agriculture Vice Minister Gulmira Isaeva said. By offering non-GMO and pesticide-free produce, it hopes [...]

01 August 2018

Trump’s USDA Is Killing Rules That Organic Food Makers Want

Regulation isn’t a dirty word to makers of organic food. So they’re pushing back against the Trump administration, which has killed off a slate of proposed regulatory changes for raising and manufacturing organic products after coming to power promising to remove “job-killing regulations.” In recent months, shelved proposals have included those covering animal welfare, [...]

01 August 2018

Chemicals Dumped Into School’s Organic Garden For Years

MARBLEHEAD (CBS) – Some North Shore students thought they were growing healthy, organic vegetables at school, but that effort was foiled, the school now says by custodians contaminating the crop. School officials say they just found out the custodians have been dumping water with chemical cleaners into and around the garden for years. As the Carnevale brothers played Wiffle Ball in their yard W [...]

01 August 2018

GMO Interests Infilitrate Organic Trade Association

(Natural News) It’s pretty obvious that conventional agriculture giants like Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and BASF would have nothing to do with the Organic Trade Association (OTA), right? After all, the OTA is the organization that regulates the organic industry in North America. The company’s LinkedIn page promises: Focusing exclusively on organic agriculture and products, OTA stays [...]

31 July 2018

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An IGA in Montreal is growing its own vegetables on the roof

Tim Murphy bends down and pulls a healthy-looking bulb of garlic out of the ground. Nearby, heirl [...]

01 August 2018

Katch Seafood opens on Pizza Corner

Katch Seafood, a fast-casual twist on the traditional fish and chips, is opening under the same [...]

02 August 2018

Montreal museum fights Facebook censorship over classic art

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has had a problem with Facebook: the social media giant's censors [...]

03 August 2018

BC Artscape unveils newly renovated arts centre in Vancouver's Chinatown

VANCOUVER — Artists in Vancouver have reason to celebrate, after a newly-renovated cultural cent [...]

03 August 2018

Cuisine thaï 5 étoiles

Le 23 mai dernier, six ans après l’ouverture du Siam dans le quartier Dix30, le groupe Satori a [...]

05 August 2018