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Vancouver: Uli’s Restaurant Wins the Best Burgers in Town

Uli’s restaurant Vancouver is currently bearing the title of the best burger makers in town. Vancouversun.com asked its readers to go on a hunt for the best burger in town, and the website received a barrage of responses. Some of the top contenders were Hawksworth, while others cast votes for Monarch Burger on Main. But it was Uli’s beside the beach in White Rock that was the runaway winner.

Opened in 1986 by Uli Blume, Uli’s restaurant was among the first of White Rock's original waterfront restaurants and a favouriteamong locals for its great food and friendly atmosphere. Tyson Blume, the founder’s son, took over operations in 2008 – giving White Rock waterfront a great and tranquil place to enjoy refreshingly simple food, an extensive international beer list, and a diverse selection of wines. Chef Jennie Silk is also making quite an impression on locals as they flock for her impeccable local flavours on the menu, says Opentable.com.

According to the report on Vancouver Sunonline, Uli’s restaurant topped the polls by a long shot and this meant the reporters had to check them out. The restaurant turned out to be a crowded by burger lovers most of who ordered the burgers.

In an interview with restaurant owner, Tyson Blume, he said the restaurant ventured into burger making at the point where he discovered that customers were always looking at the menu board, in search of a burger that wasn’t there. In a bid to avoid losing customers, Blume decided to make the best burger anyone ever tasted and include it to his menu.

“The burgers rolled out around 2010,” Blume says. “The first weekend, I remember we just got ran off our feet,” he continued, “We had no idea what type of impact it would have.”

After that, Blume and his team made it a tradition to introduce a new burger every year. This was made into an event where loyal customers were invited every October 31st to try taste burger concoctions and select a winner.

This winning burger is then added to the secret menu, which is available to everyone upon request. To explain the secret menu, Blume said “There wasn’t enough physical room on the menu to put all those burger options on there, so we had this sort of secret society of off-menu burger ordering.”

The burgers are a bit expensive at $19.50 but is said to make up for this in rich ingredients and flavor.

Other places that got mentioned by the readers for serving great burgers includeUpstairs at Campagnolo (1020 Main St., Vancouver), Two Rivers Meats (180 Donaghy Ave., North Vancouver),  Burger Heaven(77 10th St., New Westminster), The Gray Olive Cafeteria (4190 Hastings St., Burnaby), Meet on Main (4288 Main St., Vancouver), Hilltop Diner(23904 Fraser Hwy, Langley), Crowbar (646 Kingsway, Vancouver), The American (926 Main St., Vancouver), The Oakwood Canadian Bistro(2741 W 4th Ave., Vancouver), The Merchant’s Workshop (1590 Commercial Dr., Vancouver) , Local (2210 Cornwall Ave., Vancouver), The Victor(39 Smithe St., Vancouver), Hawksworth(801 W Georgia St., Vancouver), Bogart’s Bar(121 Robson St., Vancouver), Vera’s Burger Shack(213 Carrall St., Vancouver).

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