01 August 2018 Posted By : Administrator

Mill Street Brewery expands its organic lineup

The famous Canadian brew company recently announced that its core lineups of beers will be fully certified organic, given a recent national survey conducted by Mill Street that revealed organic beer is in high demand by Canadians “to keep up with the increasing availability of organic food products.”

Head brewmaster Joel Manning has revealed that Cobblestone Stout and Tankhouse Ale will join Original Organic Lager and 100th Meridian as organic certified – all four beers are 100% natural with no preservatives, chemicals or GMOs, and the organic certification process means that Mill Street’s core lineup supports sustainable farming practices, local communities and economies, and the environment.

“We first brewed our organic beer in 2002 and being organic certified is no easy feat, so I am proud to share our new organic core lineup with beer lovers across Canada,” says Manning.

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