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What Makes A Good Restaurant Great?

What do you consider when choosing a restaurant? The food for one. What about the location, the service, the surroundings? Is there space enough leg space between tables? What’s the ambiance like and of course, how expensive is it? All of these are questions we ask ourselves before we pick a restaurant.

Everyone has had a restaurant dining experience. Some have had it good, and some bad. Regardless, we all have our opinions and standards. Expectations differ from person to person,however; a good restaurant always adheres to some basic fundamental rule that allows it to gain success.

Approximately 60% of new restaurant fail in their first year, and up to 80% close down without even making it to their fifth anniversary. Pinpointing why one restaurant is great and the other is failing isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes the clues are subtle while other times they are clear as day.

In an interview a few years back, late celebrity chef, Joël Robuchon had this to say about spotting a great restaurant, “The welcome is the key.” He goes on to say that, you should always pay attention to the smallest details, even something as simple as a well-dressed table. “If there are wrinkles in the tablecloth, you know that others things behind the scenes will have seen similar shortcuts.”

There are restaurants with would-be genteel owners who believe that most of their clientele are riff-raff all because they run a place with a lot of styles when they should be concerned with the substance. In such restaurants, you can easily find staff that responds to your most modest request as if it is the most unforgivable annoyance. They fall over themselves trying to impress anyone they believe has a high social standing and ignore those who appear not to. Most of us know what it’s like to feel unappreciated, unwanted, and unpopular. an evening out with friends or your partner is certainly not the place to be reliving those emotions.

The number one goal of any restaurant is to serve amazing meals. If your décor is unappealing, it can still be great if you serve exquisite food. A lot of new owners would rather pay top dollar to high-end designers when trying to establish a new eatery and spend next to nothing in perfecting their menu. A great restaurant should have meticulously researched, well thought-out, tested, and fully developed dishes.

When you find a good restaurant, heir food is occasionally unconventional and inventive. It’s not outlandish or bizarre; most people don’t know there’s a difference. Putting weird combinations of flavors just for the sake of being different never works out. If a restaurant does it creative offerings well, it should highlight and respect every ingredient.

A great restaurant understands the importance of establishing a culinary point of view and not just coast on the same basic offerings that everyone else serves. No one wants the eat food that tastes like cardboard cut-out. Every element of a great restaurant is a perfect blend that works perfectly together.

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