01 August 2018 Posted By : Danton Unger

Sobeys opening discount locations in Winnipeg

Winnipeg will be gaining a new grocery shopping experience after Sobeys Inc. announced on Thursday that it would be introducing two discount grocery stores to the city.

Set to open in the spring of 2019, Sobeys’ discount grocery store, FreshCo, will replacing two Winnipeg Safeway locations at 500-1615 Reagent Ave., and 920 Jefferson Ave., Sobeys announced the new FreshCo stores, in order to meet a growing demand for competitive food prices, will offer the lowest prices in Winnipeg, making for an easy shopping experience of high-quality products.

“We’ve looked closely at the grocery needs of our customers in these two neighbourhoods and we are thrilled to introduce them to our FreshCo banner,” said Mike Venton, general manager of discount at Sobeys Inc. in a news release. “At FreshCo, we believe that providing healthy, nourishing food for a family doesn’t need to break the bank. We have the best-in-market price guarantees, with a strong priority on fresh areas in our stores. Our team is focused on always putting our customers first—without sacrificing quality or shopping experience.”

Construction on the two Safeway locations is scheduled to begin on October 13, but Sobeys said both the pharmacies and the gas bar at the Jefferson location will remain open.


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