Ottawa’s Prohibition Public House Provides a Fabulous Dining Experience

Sharing experiences – that’s what this restaurant is about. It’s subtle, but becomes more pronounced as you walk in, have a seat and start taking in your surroundings. Every detail begs for dialogue.  You’ll find yourself asking your partner in crime: “Is that fan an airplane propeller?” “Have you seen the lighting upstairs?” or “Are those lights hand made?” Nobo [...]

16 August 2018

Sobeys opening discount locations in Winnipeg

Winnipeg will be gaining a new grocery shopping experience after Sobeys Inc. announced on Thursday that it would be introducing two discount grocery stores to the city. Set to open in the spring of 2019, Sobeys’ discount grocery store, FreshCo, will replacing two Winnipeg Safeway locations at 500-1615 Reagent Ave., and 920 Jefferson Ave., Sobeys announced the new FreshCo stores, [...]

01 August 2018

'There seems to be a pattern': Shoppers, experts concerned by Adonis hep A recalls

A series of food recalls at a Quebec-based grocer over possible hepatitis A contamination is raising concerns among both food security experts and some Gatineau grocery shoppers. The Adonis Inc. chain opened its first location on Maloney Boulevard in Gatineau this spring and has been the subject of multiple recalls in the last two months. The recalls have warned&nbs [...]

01 August 2018

Farm Boy CEO to speak at Ontario East Conference

Cornwall Ontario – Ontario East has snagged one of the most sought after business leaders in Ontario to deliver a keynote address at its upcoming municipal conference in September. Born and raised in Ottawa, Jeff York joined Farm Boy in 2009 as Co-CEO with a mandate to expand the business. Farm Boy is an Eastern Ontario success story. The first store was opened in Cornwall by Jean- [...]

01 August 2018

Do Canadians know enough about food safety? Survey says no

OTTAWA – Canadians are becoming less aware of how to safely handle and prepare food to avoid food-borne illness and food poisoning, according to government-backed research. The findings from the report, which cost the government $126,449, point to an overall deterioration over the past eight years in Canadians’ confidence that they can protect themselves and their families from food-borne i [...]

01 August 2018

Kitchens Contain Serious Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Research has emerged that most of the items we use daily in our kitchens might be slowly poisoning our bodies, due to the endocrine disruptors they contain. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can interfere with the body’s endocrine system in certain doses. Everyone is said to be exposed to these kinds of chemicals every single day because, endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in lo [...]

29 July 2018

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An IGA in Montreal is growing its own vegetables on the roof

Tim Murphy bends down and pulls a healthy-looking bulb of garlic out of the ground. Nearby, heirl [...]

01 August 2018

Katch Seafood opens on Pizza Corner

Katch Seafood, a fast-casual twist on the traditional fish and chips, is opening under the same [...]

02 August 2018

Montreal museum fights Facebook censorship over classic art

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has had a problem with Facebook: the social media giant's censors [...]

03 August 2018

BC Artscape unveils newly renovated arts centre in Vancouver's Chinatown

VANCOUVER — Artists in Vancouver have reason to celebrate, after a newly-renovated cultural cent [...]

03 August 2018

Cuisine thaï 5 étoiles

Le 23 mai dernier, six ans après l’ouverture du Siam dans le quartier Dix30, le groupe Satori a [...]

05 August 2018