Children are being harmed by food additives, U.S. pediatric association warns

A major U.S. pediatrics association is warning that many chemicals used to colour, preserve or package food pose dangers to children and that the regulatory system must be overhauled to protect young people. In a statement published on Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says evidence is mounting about health risks, including obesity and hormone disruption, linked to comm [...]

01 August 2018

Try these natural ways to reduce pain and stress

(Natural News) You’re most likely not a stranger to stress. Whether it’s because of your job, your finances, or your relationships, you go through it every day. But just because it happens all the time doesn’t mean you should just ignore it. Prolonged exposure to stress can result in more than just a bad day, so finding ways to reduce it and its impact is an essential step to ensur [...]

31 July 2018

Can Eating Avocados Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

Sixty percent of Americans claim they have avocados on their  favorite foods list. Odds are, you probably do too! But did you know that avocados may also be protective against reproductive cancers like breast cancer as well? Avocatin B and Carotenoids in Avocados Fight Cancer Avocados have dozens of benefits for health, not the least of which is the presence of phytonutrients which c [...]

31 July 2018