Designing Community: Planning and Citizenship in St. John’s

How does where we live affect how we live? A lot of people are trying to answer that question right now. We’re getting a better and better sense of how urban design choices can support our physical health. What about our social health, though? Can we design neighbourhoods for a sense of community, or for civic participation? There’s not as much research out there on this – but [...]

02 August 2018

Montreal’s Italian week 2018 spreads out of Little Italy

Montreal’s Italian week – Montreal’s Italian week is 25 years old this year. The Montreal Times is proud to be an official sponsor again this year. The Italian festival will be from August 3rd to 12th. Montreal’s Italian Week aims to promote and revitalize Italian culture through the expressive and artistic forms that characterize it. The festival (formerly known as Settimana Ita [...]

02 August 2018

Le Dîner en Blanc de Montréal 2018 tickets available

Le Dîner en Blanc – In one month, one of the most elegant and rallying events of the summer, Le Dîner en Blanc de Montreal, is back for its 10th anniversary edition. On August 16th, more than 5,000 people will gather in 24 departure points spread out in all corners of the city. At approximately 6 :30pm, guests will commence the trek towards an unknown location, kept secret until the [...]

02 August 2018

Prince Edward Island's 2018 Fall Flavours Culinary Festival its biggest yet

CHARLOTTETOWN, June 22, 2018 /CNW/ - The Fall Flavours Festival returns to Canada's Food Island August 31 to September 30, for a month of unforgettable culinary experiences. With five new guest chefs, this year's Festival will feature more chefs and more events than ever before. Sobeys returns this year as the Festival's Title Sponsor, continuing its tradition of promoting local products a [...]

02 August 2018

Student reveals how she eats for free by bin-diving outside supermarkets

A student who eats for free by filling up on groceries thrown out by supermarkets has revealed how she does it. Sophie Bridgman, 27, who lives in Bangor, North Wales, has bagged everything from hundreds of onions to two wheelie bins full of ice cream. She said: ‘I’ve met so many people bin-diving and we now have a WhatsApp group to share food around everyone, to make sure that if one [...]

01 August 2018

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18 August 2018

Ottawa’s Prohibition Public House Provides a Fabulous Dining Experience

Sharing experiences – that’s what this restaurant is about. It’s subtle, but becomes more pro [...]

16 August 2018

Meet PEI’s Seafood Connoisseur and Remarkable Chef.

Jamie Gallant, the founder of Coastline Catering, a successful seafood catering business in Toronto, [...]

22 August 2018

What Makes A Good Restaurant Great?

What do you consider when choosing a restaurant? The food for one. What about the location, the ser [...]

27 August 2018

Newfoundland born Chef Christine Tizzard helping People Eat Better

Anyone who has ever cooked any type of meal knows that burns and cuts are pretty much part of the n [...]

28 August 2018