Toronto Ramen Joint is now Officially one of the World’s Best

One of the best ramen shops in Toronto, Ryus Noodle Bar, has just been selected as the only non-Canadian stall to be included in a Japanese ramen museum. You read that right—the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum isn’t dedicated to ancient artifacts or fossils, but rather to showcasing ramen from different regions. Visitors can sample different kinds of ramen at stalls set up in a replica of 1958 [...]

09 September 2018

Here Are All The Restaurants Participating In Montreal's "Caribbean Food Festival"

With school having just started and a change in the season underway, there's a lot going on this month. The number one things to keep your eye out for? The food festivals going on throughout the city.  That's right Montreal, the Caribbean event Martinique Gourmande is coming back from September 13 to 23!  The festival Martinique Gourmande is put on by Martinique [...]

09 September 2018

Quick and easy calzones, perfect for busy family mealtimes

(NC) From basketball practice to music lessons, the after-school rush can be a hectic one. For evenings when you’re pressed for time, meal prep can be a lifesaver. Stuffed with a favourite ingredient – hot dogs – these Tex-Mex calzones are a tasty meal the kids will happily enjoy. With new Maple Leaf Top Dogs, you can feel confident your little ones’ favourite food is made fro [...]

09 September 2018

Katch Seafood opens on Pizza Corner

Katch Seafood, a fast-casual twist on the traditional fish and chips, is opening under the same roof as Pizza Girls (1560 Grafton Street). The new brand will have six different kinds of batters, as well as fish tacos and salads. Business partner Connor Stoilov is excited to showcase the new brand. “Pizza corner is our flagship location and we've spent a lot of the last [...]

02 August 2018

The Exchange has big plans for Hollis Street

The folks behind the St. John's Fish Exchange are bringing something massive to town “Halifax is on fire right now,” says Andrew Flynn, the GM of The Maple’s soon-to-be in-house restaurant, The Exchange on Hollis (1583 Hollis Street). A spin-off of popular Newfoundland spot St. John’s Fish Exchange, the Halifax take on the concept will offer a “premium casual” space that’s seafo [...]

02 August 2018

Toronto taco joint replaced by condo has found a new home

It's been a wild ride in Toronto. City council is getting shrunk, cannabis sales are being redistributed, a US chicken chain is being rejected and a taco joint is on its final days before it's replaced with a condo. But now we know where it's going.   In the latest episode of the Only in Toronto podcast we unpack all the latest news and sit down at the city's newest fish [...]

31 July 2018

It May Be Time to Change Your Cleaning Products

The cleaning products we purchase to clean our houses may also be contaminating our bodies. This revelation comes as activists reveal that cleaning agents might be one of the most toxic substances we have in our homes. This is not unbelievable and consumers would often experience blocked nostrils, swollen eyes, skin burns or feelings of dizziness while using cleaning products, begging questio [...]

29 July 2018

Probiotics found in Fermented Soybeans

A fermented soybean product, Tungrymbai, popularly eaten in India, may possess probiotic properties, a study shows. The study, led by the Tezpur University, was published in the journal Acta Alimentaria. Tungrymbai is, according to an article on the Indian journal of traditional knowledge “A traditional fermented soybean food of the ethnic tribes of Meghalaya.  Tungrymbai provides a cheap [...]

29 July 2018

If You Are Obese, Crash Diets May Kill You

Low crash diets could initially slow your heart performance, which might be fatal to obese people, new research finds. According to Health news, a new study presented to the European Society of Cardiology found that crash diets, or diets with low calorie content may cause gradual heart decline by increasing the fat levels around the heart. The study which sought to find the effects of low [...]

29 July 2018

Vitamin D and Lung Cancer

John Hopkins researchers have revealed that abnormally low blood levels of Vitamin D would increase the risk of early signs of intestinal lung disease. This research was conducted by reviewing medical information gathered on more than 6,000 adults for over a decade. The purpose of the research was to learn the new and treatable factors related to the early stages of the disease, this they hop [...]

28 July 2018